Empowering Communities, Amplifying Voices, and Competing with Business Savvy: Lessons from the Finance Industry, Community Involvement, and Big Brother Canada with Anika Mysha

Carlee Snow

On this week’s episode of The After Business School Special, host Carlee Snow is joined by Anika Mysha to discuss bringing clients financial security and peace of mind through her work as a Personal Financial Planner in Investment and Retirement planning with RBC, her dedication to amplifying diverse immigrant voices through online resources and community events, and here most recent adventure: competing on Big Brother Canada. Anika talks about her time on reality TV and how she used the skills she gained in university and her career to get to the end game.

As an RBC Investment and Retirement Planner, Anika Mysha provides tailor-made financial planning advice and solutions using our unparalleled array of investment and portfolio solutions, including best-in-class proprietary and select third-party mutual fund solutions to our clients. She connects clients with the right RBC partners to help continuously meet their needs and help achieve their long-term financial goals.

Show Notes:

Connect with Anika and learn more about her work:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rbcanikamysha/?originalSubdomain=ca

RBC: https://advisor.rbcfinancialplanning.com/anika-mysha/

The Voice of Saskatoon: https://www.facebook.com/thevoiceofsaskatoon

Big Brother Article: https://www.edwards.usask.ca/news/2023/edwards-alumna-uses-community-building-skills-to-find-success-on-big-brother-canada.aspx

Folk Fest: https://saskatoonfolkfest.com/ 


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