Brewing Success: Business Intelligence, Industry Trends, and Thriving in Manufacturing with Ross Gadzella

Carlee Snow

Ross Gadzella, Business Intelligence Manager of Great Western Brewing, chats with Carlee Snow on The After (Business) School Special. The conversation spans across key aspects of business intelligence, delving into how optimal operations can be achieved through strategic implementation. Ross shares valuable insights drawn from his experience, drawing comparisons between working in a large organization versus a local one, shedding light on the unique challenges and opportunities each presents. The episode also explores the dynamic trends within the alcohol beverage industry, providing listeners with a glimpse into the ever-evolving landscape. Furthermore, Ross addresses intriguing opportunities within the manufacturing sector, offering a nuanced perspective on the role of business intelligence in shaping success in this field. This enlightening discussion is a must-listen for those seeking a deeper understanding of operations, industry trends, and career possibilities within the realm of manufacturing and business intelligence.

Ross Gadzella is the Business Intelligence Manager at Great Western Brewing, leveraging his extensive expertise in optimizing operations and enhancing business intelligence environments. With a robust background in supply chain management, operations, and process enhancement, Ross has played a pivotal role in elevating manufacturing processes at both large-scale enterprises and local organizations.

At Great Western Brewing, Ross leads initiatives aimed at refining the business intelligence landscape, driving operational efficiencies, and fostering optimal decision-making frameworks. His tenure at Maple Leaf Foods, particularly within roles such as Six Sigma Black Belt and Production Planner, honed his skills in driving continuous improvement within manufacturing facilities.

During his time at Maple Leaf Foods, Ross spearheaded transformative projects, significantly enhancing processes across multiple plants in Ontario and Saskatchewan. His contributions included implementing strategies to meet continuous improvement objectives, formulating and executing production schedules, liaising with cross-functional teams, and aligning operations with supply chain and quality assurance functions.

Ross's experience encompasses a diverse spectrum, from meticulously planning over 300 prepared meat SKUs at Maple Leaf Foods' Heritage mega plant to streamlining materials scheduling and coordination at various stages of production. His knack for aligning diverse departments, driving efficiency-enhancing initiatives, and crafting user-friendly tools in Excel have consistently contributed to optimized Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) rates and reduced direct product costs.

Ross contrasts the dynamics of working within large-scale corporations versus local enterprises, shedding light on the nuances and challenges unique to each setting. Moreover, his insights extend to discussing prevalent trends in the alcohol beverage industry and identifying emerging opportunities within the manufacturing sector.

Ross stands at the intersection of operational excellence, data-driven decision-making, and fostering organizational synergy, embodying a professional dedicated to unlocking the full potential of business intelligence within the manufacturing landscape.

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