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Enactus University of Saskatchewan student team brings home three first-place awards at Regional Exposition

Enactus University of Saskatchewan

In an exciting display of innovation, Enactus University of Saskatchewan has emerged triumphant at the highly anticipated Enactus Canada Regional Exposition held on March 14 - 15th, 2024.

Enactus U of S is a student driven club that aims to run sustainable entrepreneurial projects for the betterment of its community in Saskatchewan. Some of its projects include Re-Colour, an innovative initiative aimed at diverting waste from landfills by upcycling used crayons, Build-a-Business, a 4-week entrepreneurship program for people with intellectual disabilities and Giving FWRd, a food waste reduction program that creates and distributes ready meals from excess food waste.

Guided by the leadership of President Abdulrazik Benguzzi, a dedicated team of eighteen passionate students proudly represented the Edwards School of Business and the University of Saskatchewan. Competing against sixteen prestigious institutions from across Western Canada, the Enactus University of Saskatchewan team claimed the top spot in three league challenges.

The team’s exceptional performance has earned them a coveted position in the upcoming national round of competitions, set to take place in Toronto, ON on May 14-16th, where the team will compete for the national titles. As they prepare to take the national stage, the team would like to thank their generous sponsors and supporters who enable this experiential travel and team success.

Enactus University of Saskatchewan secured first place in the following challenges:

Build-A-Business presented by: Callista Gerling, Nhu Tran

Re-Colour presented by: Mridula Kumar, Maryam Samadi

Giving FWRd presented by: Shruti Goyal, Rima Daniyali

The University of Saskatchewan and the Edwards School of Business congratulate Enactus University of Saskatchewan on these achievements!

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