Escaping the Puzzles of Marketing: Navigating the Unpredictable World of Consulting, Marketing Challenges, and Collaborative Innovation with Jade Gulash

Carlee Snow

Jade Gulash,  Marketing Director at KPMG, delves into the intricacies of her dynamic career. From navigating the unpredictable landscape of consulting, where every day presents fresh challenges akin to starting a new job, to unraveling the complexities of marketing likened to solving puzzles in an escape room, Jade offers invaluable insights. As a seasoned collaborator, she shares her expertise on fostering synergy across regional, national, and specialized teams. Moreover, Jade sheds light on her adeptness at orchestrating large-scale, multi-day events that not only leave an indelible mark but also bring about life-changing results. With a passion for entrepreneurship and a keen understanding of its impact on local businesses, Jade's conversation unveils the transformative power of nurturing grassroots growth.

Jade Gulash is a dynamic Marketing Director at KPMG and has carved a niche for herself as a versatile leader adept at navigating the unpredictable terrain of consulting.

In her current role as Marketing Director at KPMG Canada's Regions West division, Jade leads marketing and communications initiatives, driving growth and innovation across Western Canada. Leading a team of talented professionals, she champions data-driven, account-based strategies that yield tangible results. Her mantra? Every day feels like a new job in the world of consulting, where adaptability reigns supreme.

Jade's journey in the field of marketing resembles a thrilling escape room adventure, where each challenge brings forth opportunities for creative problem-solving. From establishing the Marketing & Communications department at Saskatoon Co-operative Association Ltd amidst a whirlwind of organizational changes to weathering the storm of a global pandemic, Jade thrives on turning obstacles into triumphs.

With an unwavering focus on collaboration, Jade is a master at bridging the gap between regional, national, and specialized teams. Her expertise in hosting large-scale, multi-day events transcends mere logistics; she orchestrates experiences that leave a lasting impact, transforming lives and businesses alike.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, she understands the transformative potential of nurturing local businesses and driving economic growth from the grassroots level.

A lifelong learner and natural leader, Jade's journey showcases diverse experiences that have shaped her into an inspiration in the marketing world. Her mantra echoes in every facet of her work: "Marketing success is tightly tied to employee engagement and workplace culture."

Jade Gulash is a professional connector, a catalyst for change, and a visionary leader shaping the future of marketing one innovative strategy at a time.

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