Hospitality to High-Tech: Scaling Food and Beverage-Focused Tech Ventures, Building Successful Sales Teams, and Authentic Selling and Leadership in the Restaurant Industry with Stacey Sikorski

Carlee Snow

Stacey Sikorski is a seasoned professional in the realm of Mid-Market/Enterprise Sales, currently lending her expertise to Incentivio. With a diverse background rooted in early career experiences in the hospitality and customer service industry, Stacey has transformed her journey into a remarkable career marked by significant achievements and contributions.

As the Senior Mid-Market/Enterprise Account Executive at Incentivio, Stacey plays a pivotal role in driving success in the restaurant industry. Her passion for building and scaling food and beverage-focused tech ventures is evident as she navigates the startup and scaling phases, contributing not only to revenue growth but also to the development of team infrastructure.

Stacey is a firm believer in the concept of "giving away your Legos" during a company's growth phase, emphasizing collaborative leadership without bulldozing. Her direct and transparent approach to sales is rooted in building meaningful relationships, a quality that sets her apart in the industry.

Boasting proven expertise in B2B sales, partnerships, leadership, customer relations, and marketing, Stacey has specialized experience in building early-stage SaaS team infrastructure. Her dedication to fostering dynamic relationship management and solving problems has strengthened restaurant brands throughout her career.

Stacey's illustrious career includes a notable 7.5-year stint at 7shifts: Team Management for Restaurants, where she served in various roles, culminating in her position as Mid-Market Sales, Franchise Lead. During her tenure, she played a pivotal role in pitching for and building the Mid Market Franchise team, growing it to four account executives. Stacey's leadership extended to building strategies, processes, playbooks, and best practices, all contributing to the team's success in providing consistent value to franchised restaurant brands.

In her previous roles at 7shifts, Stacey showcased her versatility and leadership abilities. As the Manager of Partnerships + Partner Development, she managed the post-contract Partner Account Management team, developing processes and resources for a scaling team. In her role as Senior Partnerships Account Manager and Team Lead, Stacey was instrumental in establishing the Partnerships team, working with strategic partners to test and prove partnerships for growth.

Throughout her career journey, Stacey has consistently demonstrated her commitment to individual and team growth. From managing post-sales teams to overseeing large restaurant accounts and leading sales operations, her impact has been felt at every stage.

Stacey's journey began in the restaurant industry, working various positions at The Keg Steakhouse + Bar. Her love for the industry was nurtured through experiences such as being a Sales Merchandiser at Diageo, where she managed a client list, increased sales, and maximized retail visibility.

As Stacey embarks on a new adventure at Incentivio, her dedication to building and supporting teams, combined with her energetic and strategic collaboration, positions her as a driving force in the industry. With a focus on mid-market sales and a passion for guest engagement in hospitality, Stacey Sikorski continues to leave an indelible mark on the dynamic landscape of restaurant technology and enterprise sales.

Want to learn more about the reality of working in the restaurant industry? Stacey recommends watching “The Bear” on Disney+ for a realistic look at what it takes for a restaurant to function, and Carlee recommends “Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly” by Anthony Bourdain.

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