Leading with Purpose: Empowering Business Partnerships, Mentorship, Growth, and Personalized Leadership with Andrea Hansen

Carlee Snow

Andrea Hansen, President of Sutton Benefits and Planning, shares important insights on topics crucial for personal and professional growth. From navigating the delicate balance of business partnerships with a spouse to harnessing the transformative power of mentorship and strategies for finding mentors, Hansen offered insightful perspectives. She emphasized the significance of personalizing leadership and communication styles for colleagues and clients alike, highlighting the value of understanding individual dynamics. Leveraging her MBTI certification, Hansen discussed how it can be instrumental in managing workplace culture and dynamics effectively. Additionally, she shared goal-setting practices pivotal for paving the way for success while stressing the importance of future planning and embracing uncertainty in both career and personal life journeys, offering wisdom on navigating these challenges with confidence and resilience.

Andrea is a distinguished figure in the field of benefits and pension planning. She is an educator, writer, speaker, and benefits expert. Andrea is the President of Sutton Benefits & Pension, and in this role, she extends her expertise to support successful employers in optimizing their group benefits and pension plans, ensuring maximal value and results.

Recognized for her outstanding contributions to the community and industry alike, Andrea has been featured in prestigious publications such as HR Saskatchewan, PotashWorks, and The Business Advisor magazines. Her insights and thought leadership have earned her accolades including the Kent Smith-Windsor Leadership Award, the ATHENA Young Professional Leadership Award, and the SYPE Young Professional of the Year Award. Andrea has also been honored as a two-time nominee for the YWCA Women of Distinction award, underlining her commitment to empowering women in business.

Her dedication to community empowerment extends further as she sits on the Board of Directors for the Benefits Alliance, a national organization comprising 27 independent member firms. In this capacity, Andrea actively shapes industry standards and advocates for the best interests of clients, overseeing the administration of over 8,000 employee benefit plans and 1,500 group retirement plans totaling billions in assets.

Andrea holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree with Distinction from the University of Saskatchewan. Her dedication to professional development is reflected in her specialty designations, including Group Benefits Associate and Certified Financial Planner®. Andrea's pursuit of excellence extends to acquiring additional certifications, such as the Total Rewards Certificate from the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (IFEBP), the Workplace Mental Health Leadership™ certificate from Queen’s University, and the 4 Seasons of Reconciliation certificate from First Nations University of Canada.

In addition to her role at Sutton Benefits & Pension, Andrea is renowned for her innovative contributions to the industry, notably as the creator of the Sutton Employee Engagement Wheel™. This tool, integral to the Sutton Smartfit Process™, facilitates the education of employers on the crucial components of a total rewards strategy, empowering them to allocate their resources effectively.

With a steadfast commitment to excellence, community empowerment, and client advocacy, Andrea continues to leave an indelible mark on the landscape of benefits and pension planning, embodying leadership and entrepreneurship.

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