The Power of Iceberg Moments in Your Career with Kendra Wack

Carlee Snow

In the fast-paced world of professional development, it's easy to get caught up in the visible achievements showcased on platforms like LinkedIn. But as Kendra Wack, Executive Director of FEAD (Female Entrepreneurs in Agri-Food Development), aptly puts it, there's a deeper layer to success – the "iceberg" moments that shape our careers.

Explained in a podcast interview on The After (Business) School Special, Kendra delved into the concept of iceberg moments, drawing parallels between these pivotal points in one's career and the massive, unseen portion of an iceberg lurking beneath the water's surface.

She describes how periods of imbalance, characterized by relentless effort with little immediate reward, lay the groundwork for these transformative moments. It's during these times of intense dedication, when the bulk of our efforts remain unseen, that we pave the way for future success.

Kendra emphasizes the importance of recognizing and embracing these seasons of imbalance. They signify a time of growth, learning, and preparation for the eventual emergence of our own iceberg moments. Whether it's securing a coveted promotion, speaking on a prestigious panel, or achieving a long-sought-after goal, these moments symbolize the culmination of our hard work and perseverance.

She acknowledges the uncertainty that often accompanies striving for success, admitting that she's not always certain if she's on the right career path. Yet, she underscores the significance of intentionally seeking out experiences and connections that will ultimately shape her future trajectory.

For Kendra, it's not just about chasing after superficial achievements; it's about purposefully aligning her actions with her long-term goals. Whether it's taking on unconventional roles, volunteering for unique opportunities, or immersing herself in unfamiliar industries, she recognizes the value of these experiences.

Kendra's insights underscore a crucial aspect of career development – the importance of embracing the journey, even when it feels like we're navigating through uncharted waters. By acknowledging the significance of both the visible successes and the unseen groundwork, we can navigate our careers with intentionality and purpose.

In the pursuit of success, let's remember Kendra's words: it's not just about reaching the summit; it's about appreciating the journey and the transformative moments that lie beneath the surface.


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