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Our research has real-world impact

There are exciting things happening at the Edwards School of Business, and we invite you to collaborate with us! Our scholars publish their work in highly visible and respected outlets and study topics of strategic importance to the university, the province and the nation – including community economic development, innovation, energy and resource management, and sustainability.

We're tackling big questions of societal importance

The work we do translates into timely and relevant research, providing meaningful contributions to practice, and creating innovative "real world" experiential learning and action research opportunities for our students.

"How can we increase representation of women in senior leadership roles?" – Megan Walsh, Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour
"How can organizations do well by doing good?" - David Zhang, Associate Professor, Management and Marketing
"Has technology actually made us less smart in terms of simple Financial management decisions?" - Brian Lane, Assistant Professor, Finance and Management Science
"How should we improve tax policy?" - Devan Mescall, Assistant Professor, Accounting

We thrive on engagement and collaboration

"Our faculty are extensively involved in collaborative partnerships for research, teaching and community engagement. We forge mutually beneficial relationships with non-profits, small businesses, entrepreneurial start-ups, corporations and public sector organizations and collaborate with researchers from around the world. Our hallways buzz with ideas and projects that span disciplinary boundaries."
Chelsea Willness
Associate Dean, Research & Academic

Who are we collaborating with?

Our faculty currently engage in community-based, industry, interdisciplinary, international and Indigenous research collaborations. A recent survey of our faculty revealed that the majority of collaborations are happening between disciplinary and interdisciplinary collaborators with industry and international collaborations, community and Indigenous community-based collaborations also playing a significant role. 

Community-based Collaborations 8
Industry Collaborations 14
Disciplinary Collaborations 20
Interdisciplinary Collaborations 21
International Collaborations 14
Indigenous Community-based Collaborations 5

Please note that some faculty have multiple types of collaborations across their different research initiatives.

Current collaborations

There are great examples of successful research collaborations at Edwards. Here are just a few!

For instance, a researcher in Accounting has collaborated with five scholars from different countries to collect large-scale data. One of our Finance scholars has a collaborative project involving improvement for room turnover times at the Royal University Hospital while another Finance researcher works with a non-profit board in a financial systems changeover. An Edwards researcher in Management and Marketing has collaborated with Cooperative State University of Baden Wuerttemberg in Stuttgart that resulted in exchange opportunities for Edwards’ students, both as part of our study abroad program and as a host of the COMM 498 course in 2017 and again in 2018. One of our scholars in Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour collaborated on an interdisciplinary project surrounding mindfulness interventions with students at Memorial University, with researchers from Engineering, Business and Medicine. One of our Accounting researchers collaborated with Estimize Inc., a crowdsourcing forecast platform for corporate earnings, to document the effects of the competition among forecast platforms in the capital market.

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