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New Bloomberg terminals in the Gordon Rawlinson Finance and Trading Room aid remote learning

Natasha Katchuk

In November 2020, the Edwards School of Business (Edwards) officially unveiled the Gordon Rawlinson Finance and Trading Room providing enhanced learning opportunities for students.

“The Gordon Rawlinson Finance and Trading Room demonstrates our commitment to developing business professionals to build nations,” said Dr. Keith Willoughby (PhD), dean, Edwards School of Business. “The remote learning capabilities of the software have ensured students could continue to access resources and data as part of their finance studies amidst COVID-19.”

Rawlinson Finance and Trading Room

The classroom design is something to behold. Located behind a floor to ceiling glass wall in the front lobby of the Edwards School of Business building is a striking image of a bull and bear. The visual is a metaphor for the movement of the stock market. Bull markets represent rising prices, while bear markets represent falling prices. 

Large screens monopolize the three walls, projecting the current student portfolio holdings. The physical space also features 16 state-of-the-art Bloomberg terminals and tiered seating for 29 people.

Bloomberg is considered a top information platform used by businesses, financial institutions, and government agencies around the world. It reports on everything from stocks and bonds to general news.

“Bull markets represent rising prices, while bear markets Represent falling prices.”

The hands-on experience monitoring and managing real-time financial data using Bloomberg financial terminals was made possible by a generous gift from alumnus Gordon Rawlinson (B.Comm. 1968).

“I am pleased that Edwards students will have access to industry specific finance and research tools to develop the skills they need for their careers,” said Gordon Rawlinson.

Remote learning amidst COVID-19 pandemic 

Although the University of Saskatchewan is operating in a remote learning environment, Edwards students in the finance major are already making use of the technology.

The college was able to quickly adapt the software usability to ensure Edwards students received this valuable experience amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, while studying at home.

Jeremy Riddell, a fourth-year finance student and Bloomberg Terminal Ambassador at Edwards, said the practical experience is incredibly valuable.

“The resources available through the Gordon Rawlinson Finance and Trading Room add to our employability,” said Riddell. “We are developing practical skills that allow us to deliver value immediately as new graduates in the workforce.”

Enhancing the student experience

As a graduate, securing a job in the finance industry can be challenging without any experience. The resources available in the Gordon Rawlinson Finance and Trading Room aim to ease that process. 

The Bloomberg terminals not only provide information on the financial world, but also enable access for Edwards students to demonstrate capacity and competence to prospective employers on their résumé. Through these resources, students are gaining experience using the technology which the finance industry values and uses daily.

“I’m proud to be an Edwards student because the opportunities unlocked here will aid me as a future finance professional.”

More than 120 students have been exposed to the Bloomberg Market Concepts certification since the terminals were first installed in 2017. To earn the certification, students study modules and complete tests on economic indicators, currencies, equities, and how to navigate the bond market. 

The resources available in the Gordon Rawlinson Finance and Trading Room also complement tracking the performance of the Dembroski Student Managed Portfolio Trust.

Edwards professor and student“The Dembroski Student Managed Portfolio Trust gives students real world investment experience,” said Dr. George Tannous, professor, Edwards School of Business. “The gift from Gordon Rawlinson allows us to offer a comprehensive curriculum that complements theory with practice.”

Current student Aubrey-Anne Laliberte-Pewapisconias said the interactive capabilities of the software in a remote learning environment were critical to her education.

“The Gordon Rawlinson Finance and Trading Room gives me access to student interaction and experience with different investments,” said Laliberte-Pewapisconias, a fourth-year finance student. “I’m proud to be an Edwards student because the opportunities unlocked here will aid me as a future finance professional.”

Watch the unveiling of the new Finance and Trading Room on the Edwards YouTube Channel.

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